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About us

My name is Chantal, I am married to Sebastiaan and together we have 5 children.
With four school-going children and one little baby at home, own business, hobbies, sports and household chores, it can get quite hectic at times, I can tell you.

To bring order to the chaos I write things down so as not to forget them. For example, in recent years I have tried different diaries, planners and notebooks to get a structured life, but I have never found the right one.

That is how the idea for Momloves2organize was born.

All the loose leaves with notes on the fridge, desk and table drove me crazy. Agenda here and notebook with passwords there. And whenever I needed it I couldn't remember the handy place where I kept it. Recognizable?

After having stood in the schoolyard for nothing for the umpteenth time (because study day), walking the children to school while they had cycling lessons and the dentist calling where we were, it was time for a solution. I needed a planner in which I could store everything, absolutely everything. And why not combine the useful with the pleasant by planning in a beautiful, stylish agenda with matching items and that personal touch?

I hope I help you a little bit to get everything a little more organized.
Good luck and happy planning!